American Akita in Scandinavia

About Lotte

Me and Akitas …

… go way back. To be raised by Akitas has had an fundamental impact on who I am today. I define the periods in my life from which dog I then belonged to, from childhood until today.

Many years I enjoyed working with my akitas all days of the week. Obedience and tracking mainly but also dogshows, pulling, guard dog training, and search. I have also been very engaged in clubs for working dogs and in the kennelclub, as a pupil and later as an instructor and spent every weekend for twenty years as a ringsteward at dogshows if I didn’t show – or both.

About as many years I was occupied with the Swedish Akita Club, with positions including being president and alternate between being responsible for the webpage, club-magazine, breed specials, information about the breed and of the progenycommittee.

All of these years the deteroriating health of the breed has occupied much focus and money. This has changed for the better the more I have devoted myself to nature medicine.