American Akita in Scandinavia


Rossimon Skamokawa

Onni (Rossimon Skamokawa)

The name Onni she chose herself. It is the name she wants to  listen to and which will make her turn on her heel while running free in the woods. It is a name that makes her smile when you say it.

Being the granddaughter of my dear Giddy makes her particularily special to me, but she herself is such a sensible and sweet being it makes me so grateful to have gotten to know her. Whatever she does is for a purpose and her interest for nuanced communication is growing the more she finds herself seen and understood.

This is such a corageous and loyal Akita and her kindness and social skills she has passed on to her two beautiful daughters.

Born the 30th of November 2005 she was bred by mr M D & Mrs J Jones & mr R & mrs T Morgan, UK and imported to Sweden in September of 2012.



Hips – 3 – 4 = 7
Eyes – Clear (2013)

Onni’s pedigree