American Akita in Scandinavia


Amateraso no Sennin

… was Mommie┬┤s Dear and knew how to use it. For several years he was surprisingly good at obedience – once I had figured out his weakness for casserol. He was a strong male and ruled over his bitches without letting himself be provoced. But if hethought there was a fair chance he could steal from a deserted dinnertable he could very well stir some noice among the ladies in order to avert everyones attention. This was such a charming dog.

Normally he was not interested in hunting (yeah, right – but in comparison to the ladies …) and yet he still caught a fox on his own.

Affected by allergy, autoimmune hypothyroid and once by SA and autoimmune aseptic meningitis he had – and overcame – the
challenges to his health and lived to the age of 14 years in very good health.



Hips – Excellent
Elbows – Excellent
Eyes – Clear
Temperament – L-tested and approved by Securitas